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Gyde Cerfitied Expert
Copywriter & Creative Leader



Creative with 17 years of experience in unifying copy and design with strategy, psychology, and taste in ways that drive desired outcomes. Proven experience in connecting people with companies through compelling brand stories, guiding audience behavior with dialed-in deliverables, and bringing cross-functional teams together around an inspiring vision. Collaborated with and led teams of various sizes to create high-performing and award-winning brand creative, marketing/sales, and UX/interactive content for startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 companies. Extensive experience with B2B and B2B SaaS companies.

Years of Experience
~ $125

Case Studies

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Creative Direction
Short-form Content Writing
Long-form Content Writing
Content Strategy
Project Management


Variable by Project
Per Project:

Achievements & Reviews

"Brian has a ferocious energy and passion for writing, creativity and brand communications. He has an incredible work rate, cares deeply about the quality of what he produces, and takes feedback well. If you've got a mountain to move and are in need of a well motivated writer with a conversational writing style and an ability to keep it short/self edit, Brian would be a good call."  David Shearer | Director, Google

"Whether packing a much-needed punch into just a few words, or preserving fun & interest in an SEO-optimized blog post, Brian is an incredibly capable, creative marketing writer. Quick to absorb a brand’s tone and voice, Brian brings words and headlines to life in ways that excite customers and yet don’t alarm the brand police. Never too precious about his own work, he readily accepts feedback and works collaboratively across a range of teams and personality types. He’s extended our efforts in ways we hadn’t imagined possible, while keeping to tight schedules and expertly handling competing priorities. I hope we can work together again and again."  Michele Don Durbin | SVP Marketing, Evernote

"For an occupation whose practitioners are often rife with arrogance and hubris, Brian is an eminently decent human being. He cheerfully freelanced at Salesforce, collaborating with product marketers and designers to create clear, easy-to-read web pages as well as to improve our SEO site copy. His highly conscientious nature, strong work ethic, and easy-going demeanor made working with him more than tolerable."  Peter Crosby | Creative Director, Salesforce

Clients I've Worked With





New Relic



Dept. of Veteran Affairs

Principal Insurance


Alcorn Immigration Law


Software & SaaS
Health & Wellness

Additional Information

My purpose is to make people's lives better. To that end, my professional talents encompass the creative (writing, editing, ideating), the analytical (researching, problem-solving, iterating), and the interpersonal (bringing positivity, showing empathy and understanding for partners and customers, listening actively, and communicating clearly).

I'm passionate about writing and editing copy that resonates on a human level for products and services that benefit people. I aim to tell brand stories that build trust and affinity with the customer, who is always the hero.

I began at an agency 17+ years ago, went in-house, and then freelanced for over a decade as I traveled, performed music and comedy, and pursued enlightenment (all to mixed results). I've worked almost exclusively with SaaS companies for several years, both in-house and freelance.