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If you have the right experience to excel in Gyde's network, we’ll reach out to you with the next step to set up your marketer profile.  After that you’re all set to start receiving leads!

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Your time and expertise is valuable, we recognize that.  Gyde is designed for marketers to get the most out of each project.

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Gyde exposes you to clients and projects who are tired of posting on traditional gig platforms.  Meet clients who are looking for true businesses partners, not just gig workers.

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We help freelancers along their entrepreneurial journey.  Gyde provides our marketers with access to tools that can help them reach independent success.

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Gyde connects you to clients, and that’s it.  We don’t govern payment, terms of engagement, or how you set up project milestones. No more big brother.


Gyde's mission is to help marketers break out of the reliance on traditional gig economies.

We've created the Trust Economy, giving marketers a platform to grow their individual brand.

"Gyde introduced me to clients I still work with today.  Brands using Gyde are looking for quality, so I can meet clients without having to lower my worth in order to stay competitive in large pool of bidders."

Jon S.

Content Creator

"I've given up over $10k in earnings to Upwork and Fiverr.  Gyde gives me a platform to find great projects without having to sacrifice a fifth of my labor's value."

Christy H.

Social Media Manager

"The biggest thing for me is working with clients as if I met them organically.  I structure timelines and payment my way, and I feel like my clients appreciate that transparency."

Lei Lani F.

Website Designer & Developer